November 15, 2011

Get the Scoop on Multiplication!

I just discovered an awesome website called Scoop It that allows you to create an online "magazine" on any topic. You can write short articles, upload images, and link each article to its source on the internet.

Just for fun, I created a magazine called Multiplication Teaching Resources. I added several resources from my own site as well as a great article from Scholastic, a multiplication game called Gobble Bump from Denise Boehm, and some fun free websites for practicing math facts.Take a look!

I'm also working on several different topics like Reading Workshop Resources and Seasonal Freebies for Teachers. These topics aren't complete yet, but you can follow them as well to get updates as I add new articles.

What I love about Scoop It is that you can sign up to Follow a topic and you'll receive an email update when new resources are added. You can also follow by RSS feed via Google Reader if you click on the tiny green icon near the top. Scoop It has a free version (which I'm using) that has a limited number of topics you can create, and it also has a premium version for businesses.

Classroom Ideas for Scoop It?
The teacher in me is thinking about all the ways this could be used in the classroom. What would you do with Scoop It? What about creating an online classroom newspaper? First you would need to create a class blog where students could post stories and images. Then you would use Scoop It to visit each blog post and grab the story so that all stories could be displayed on one page with links to the full article or story later. Share the link to your class newspaper with your parents and ask them to follow it when your students add articles.

Are you already using Scoop It? If so, please post a link to one of your topics. How might you use Scoop It in your classroom?

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  1. This will be a great differentiation tool! The class newspaper is a super idea.

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  3. We have a ScoopIt profile with an "Education & Homeschooling" board. I'll be following your profile. Thanks

    Here's the link to the ScoopIt profile: