August 31, 2012

A Special Time to Reflect on Goal Setting

Today is a special day. Not only is it the last day of August, it's a "blue moon" day! Today's full moon is the second full moon of the month, and that happens only once every few years.  

Classroom Goal Setting was my first ebook, and I still believe that goal setting is one of the most important things we can teach our students. Teaching your students how to set goals and action plans is an opportunity for you to have a major positive impact on the rest of their lives.

Another reason this is a special time is that you're entering new school year. It's a perfect time to set goals for yourself and to teach your students how to set goals for themselves, too and help motivate them to get started.

Goal Setting Made Easy
Because it’s a special day, I'm making it super easy for you to get a complete set of resources to help you teach your students about goals and action plans.
• Free Goal Tracker packet
• Classroom Goal Setting eBook
• Free Motivational Goal Quotes
Goal Tracker Packet
To get started, click the link to download the free Goal Tracker packet, a set of materials to help you teach goal setting. It includes three printables that can be folded and stapled to create a goal tracking booklet. On the inside cover of My Goal Tracker, you'll find a place to list four goals to accomplish this month. The booklet also includes a page for each week with questions that ask you to reflect on what you've done during the past week to help you meet your goals, and what you plan to do in the coming week. On the back cover of the booklet, you'll find a scroll that lists the six secrets of goal setting.

Classroom Goal Setting and Data Binders
Many schools now require students to keep "data binders" with documentation to track their progress throughout the school year. If your students will be creating data binders this year, you may be interested in a more thorough approach to goal setting that includes how to setting goals, creating action plan, and record measurable data on charts and graphs. Classroom Goal Setting includes all that and more! Click the cover to preview the entire ebook from this page.

Motivational Goal Quotes
It’s also important to get your kids moving forward with their goal setting and tracking. To help motivate them, I’m also providing this collection of motivational goal quote images in a PowerPoint show to use with your students. This free item is available to all new and existing Candler’s Classroom Connections subscribers.  You can visit the Motivational Goal Quotes page to find out how to download your free copy.

Once in a Blue Moon
Remember how I said that today was a special day? Blue moons only occur every few years, and I love the fact that this one happened right at the beginning of a brand new school year. There couldn’t be a better time to get started teaching your students how to set goals, create action plans, and track their progress!


  1. Goal setting is so important to students so that they can set goals and realize them through hard work. I like the idea of motivational quotes. I use to keep a list of quotes that inspired me...I think I should take up that habit again.


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