December 2, 2012 Site Navigation Made Easy

Tips to Help You Find What You Need

I absolutely love sharing free resources with teachers. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do, and over the years I've created quite a collection of freebies on my Teaching Resources website. I've organized my website into four main categories: File Cabinet, Strategies, Laura's Books, and Workshops. You can access those categories from the white torn paper navigation bar at the top of my website. But there are actually a number of easier ways to find exactly what you are looking for on Laura, and I'd like to share them with you now.

Google – The fastest way, by far, to instantly find what you want on my site is to simply type “Laura Candler” and “X” into the Google search box. “X” might be “literature circles,” “math,” “problem solving,” “strategies,” or “cooperative learning.” You name it, and voila, you’ll likely find it. Thanks to millions of visitors who came before you, very often your teaching topic of interest will appear as a convenient link at the top of the Google search results! It’s really just that easy. Try it! Shortcuts - I just love Pinterest! So for you other Pinterest junkies out there, I have a special new visual way, just for you, to navigate my site. I've recently been busy creating pins for every major part of my website, and I've gathered them all up on all my newest Pinterest board, “ Shortcuts.”  It's a simple visual map, or “bulletin board” of Teaching Resources that makes it a snap to find just what you want. Just click the image on the right, find the yellow shortcuts pin on this board and repin it to one of your own boards. When you are looking for a specific page on my site, just click on my Shortcuts board and quickly scan it to find what you want.

Pinterest – Just Pin it!  As an alternative to using my new shortcuts or other Pinterest boards, you can create your own Pinterest board and either directly pin pages you like from my site or just go to my shortcuts board and simply repin the pages you want to your new board. Search Feature – Just a reminder about another basic tool, site search. Type your topic into the green search box on the top of every page. Then click “Search” to see what's available on on that topic.

It brings me a lot of pleasure to know that I am helping to make your work easier and your students to be more successful. I hope that you will find that one of the methods above strikes your fancy and make it super easy for you find just what you need on Teaching Resources, right when you need it. Enjoy!

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