August 20, 2013

Facebook 70,000 Followers Contest

Update: The contest is over and the Teaching Resources Facebook page count is now above 70,000! The first time it happened was 9:28 p.m. EDT on August 20th. Congratulations to Miranda Baranek for being the first to guess the closest time which was 9:35 p.m. Also, the entry form has been removed.

Original Blog Post:
Let's have a quick contest! I noticed that the Teaching Resources Facebook page is getting close to 70,000 followers. Woohoo! Let's see who can predict when the number will first roll over to 70,000. To add an extra kick to the contest, I'll give the winner one item worth up to $20 from my TpT store!

How to Enter
The winner must be a Facebook follower, so if you aren't a follower, please hop over to the Teaching Resources page and give it a quick thumbs up! Next, fill out the entry form at the end of this post with your guess (the date and time) and what you would like me to send you if you win. The form will also record the time you made your guess. The FIRST person to guess the time to the nearest 5 minutes will win! You can wait around to make a guess, but the longer you wait, the less likely you are to be the first person to make the correct guess. By the way, each person may only make ONE guess. Before I announce the winner, I'll sort the data to make sure that the person who won only entered the contest one time. To be fair, I'm going to stop the contest when the number of likes get to 69,990 and then we will just watch to see when it hits the number.

Capturing the Time
I'll need your help with the next part because I might not be on Facebook when it happens. If you happen to be watching the Teaching Resources Facebook page and you see the number go to 70,000, please zoom in on it and do a screen capture. Quickly post the picture and the time to the nearest minute on Facebook under my post about the contest so we'll have a record of it. It may drop down below 70,000 because the number may fluctuate, but we will go with the time it first switched over as long as someone is able to capture it and announce it. I'll try to watch for this, but I'm hoping someone else will see it if I miss it.

Remember that I'm going to award the prize to the first person to correctly guess the time, so the sooner you complete the entry form,the better. In case you are wondering how many page likes Teaching Resources normally gets in a day, it ranges between 50 and 100. So I'm guessing that we'll see 70,000 before the end of the day.

Ready, set, go!


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  2. I use Time for Kids right now. I love using these!

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