November 18, 2011

Create Easy Online Classroom Magazines!

"What's the Scoop?" is a graphic organizer you can use for reading or writing. Students can read a selection and record the relevant information, or they can use it when planning their own story or article. You can download it from my Writing page on Teaching Resources.

As I was working on this graphic organizer, I thought of the free website I wrote about earlier this week. Scoop It  allows anyone to create an online "magazine" on a particular topic. You just add articles by linking to various online resources and write a short text explanation. Voila! Online magazine! Take a look at my Seasonal Freebies for Teachers topic to get a feel for how Scoop It works. Don't forget to follow it if you like it!

Wouldn't it be exciting to have your students create an online magazine with Scoop It? Each student could write an article or story and upload it to Google Docs. Or they could create a video or podcast and upload it to a host site. Next, you would create a Scoop It topic with your classroom magazine title - something voted on by your students of course! You would link to their document or video, upload a related image, and include a short "teaser" paragraph to interest the reader. Then email the link to the magazine to your parents or post it on Edmodo or another safe social networking site. An activity like this gives new meaning to the "publishing" stage of the writing process!

I can see this working as a collaborative class magazine on a content area theme, too. You could create Scoop It topics for science and social studies units where students all contribute one article, illustration, podcast, or video.

Just a few words of caution:
  • The free version of Scoop It does not appear to have a way to publish the content privately, so be sure to check with an administrator first and obtain permission forms from students involved in the project.
  • According to the "Use & Agreement" terms on Scoop It, children under age 13 may not use Scoop It themselves. Therefore you or another adult will have to actually create the Scoop It magazine page. 
  • Some Scoop It content may not be appropriate for children, so share a direct link to your class magazine rather than letting kids search for it.

If you do create a class online magazine with Scoop It, please come back to this article and share what you've done with us!

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  1. What is the Scoop is a great idea to hook up students to write their story in a good detail.
    Thank you for sharing.


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